MICROGRANTS is a national trans-led project of TRANS LIFELINE that gives money to and advocates on behalf of trans folks attempting to navigate legal and bureaucratic systems. By listening to and trusting trans people, we allow folks to self-determine their own path to care.


Consider becoming a donor today! We offer one-time or recurring donations! IDs are very expensive! Here is a breakdown of those costs:

  • Driver's Licenses or State IDs range from: $5.00-$80.00
  • Passports Expedited: $195.00
  • Court-Order Name Change Petitions: $50.00-$500.00 (with an average around $200.00)
  • Publishing Fees (yes many states make you publish your name change): $30.00-$150.00 and times that by 3 or 6 times you may need to publish!
  • Other fees like Background Checks, Fingerprinting, Notaries, etc. Can all tack on an extra $50-$150.00

Trans folks need your help now. Even a one-time donation of $20.00 can cover the cost of a driver's license. 


Since 2016, we have had hundred of trans people sign up for assistance to pay for IDs. To date, we have given out over $100k for identification! If you are a trans person seeking help in navigating IDs and need financial assistance, please sign up below. Currently, we cover the following:

  • Driver's License Fees
  • State Identification Card Fees
  • Passport Book and/or Cards (expedited)
  • Court Order Name Changes and associated fees (i.e. background checks, notaries, certified copies, etc.)
  • Immigration Documents

Our advocates are waiting to assist you with finding the write paperwork and the right amount to cover it. We hope to expand these services to other needs in the near future!