Your donation will be used to directly assist ALL trans folks in acquiring updated identity documentation and legal support. As an organization, we are committed to dismantling oppressive systems that exist within the non-profit industrial complex, such as respectability politics and gate-keeping. With this in mind, we aim to prioritize undocumented and incarcerated trans folks, as their survival is extremely conditional on the rapidly shifting political climate. As your donations build, so will the scope and strength of our organization. This will allow us to expand into other areas- such as education, medical support, life expenses, etc. 

Please spread the word about the work we are doing. Tell your friends and family, talk to your boss about donation matching, organize ID clinics in your town, drop banners, hang posters, get wild because our lives literally depend on y'alls continued support!

In Solidarity,
The Tap Team: Scout, Phos, Jules, Stella, & Jasper