What is TAP?

A permanent fund, replenished through donations and grants, that is managed so that we might help trans folks who need assistance. Because of the enduring nature of the program, we can ensure that our clients' needs, which may arise at random times, are met without them having to attempt to raise the money on their own. In support of the TAP fund, we are building a vetted network of legal experts and medical providers, as well as compiling a “bureaucratic resource” directory, saving trans folks the trouble of searching for the right doctors or the right paperwork.


Become A Donor

Donations are used to directly assist ALL trans folks in acquiring legal/ID documents, medicine, and access to healthcare. As an organization, we are committed to dismantling oppressive systems that exist within the non-profit industrial complex, such as respectability politics and gate-keeping. As such, we prioritize our undocumented and incarcerated clients, as their survival is extremely conditional on the rapidly shifting political climate. As your donations build, so will the scope and strength of our organization. This will allow us to expand into other areas- such as education, life expenses, etc.

Become A Recipient

By working with us we can provide:

  • Support for Undocumented Individuals
  • Support for Incarcerated Individuals
  • Funds for Identity Document Changes
  • Funds for Medicine and Healthcare*
  • Medical Advocacy & Care Coordination*

*We are presently in the process of establishing a HIPPA compliant infrastructure in order to offer these services.