What is TAP?

TAP is a national trans-led organization that gives money to and advocates on behalf of trans folks attempting to navigate legal and bureaucratic systems. By listening to and trusting trans people, we allow them to self-determine their own path to care. 


Become A Donor

As of May 2017, we've given out over $38,325 to trans folks, and we're just getting started. Hundreds of trans people have signed up for our assistance through us and to help them, we need your help. Your dollars are going directly into the hands of members of the trans community, especially those in the margins, so that they might update their documentation to reflect their true identity. 

Become A Recipient

By working with us we can provide:

  • Funds for Identity Document Changes
  • Support for Undocumented Individuals
  • Support for Incarcerated Individuals

In the future, we hope to offer financial assistance for other needs that might arise, stay posted for updates!